We want your words.

Fired up about the state of AusQueerYA? Itching to tell the world how much you loved Emily O’Beirne’s latest release? Just like the sound of your own virtual voice? We accept submissions for fiction, writing advice, general think-pieces about AusQueerYA (if you need inspiration, check out Jordi Kerr’s excellent series of articles for Archer Magazine, which you can read here) and book reviews. Be sure to check the blog before you write. We won’t generally publish multiple articles on the same topic.

Non-fiction Submissions should be under 1000 words and not contain any images or GIFS or sound bytes etc. Fiction capped at 5000 words. Work must be your own.

Open to all Queer writers. We’re not going to make you prove your identity or anything creepy, this is purely an honour based request.

You can be anonymous if you want.

We can’t pay you (yet), but we hope to in the future. If you want your own blog/books to be promoted via Get YA Words Out, we are happy to work something out in exchange for your words.

Please give us at least a week after submitting to get a response.