The Next Chapter

The Wheeler Centre has just announced an amazing opportunity for unpublished writers, with support from the Aesop Foundation. 'The Next Chapter' offers $15,000 each and a personally selected mentor to ten writers over the year. They are interested in supporting a range of diverse Australian voices, particularly those who might find it hard to be … Continue reading The Next Chapter

Year in Review

Well, we certainly got our words out this year. First up, a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported us, followed us, boosted us and reached out to us this year. Without you, none of the following would have been achieved. So go on, give yourself a big hug. A bigger one … Continue reading Year in Review

Increasing Queer Representation in YA through Genre Fiction

Where are all my space gays at? There has been some discussion lately about the lack of perceived marketability of Queer YA novels featuring f/f (female/female) relationships, particularly in the American market. This post will discuss how that affects us here in Australia, how our own Australian authors/publishers have a slightly different trend than our … Continue reading Increasing Queer Representation in YA through Genre Fiction