Interview with Alison Evans

You've read their book, now read their thoughts! I sat-down with Alison Evans (and by that I mean, I was sitting down when I wrote these questions and I'm guessing they were also sitting down when they emailed me their answers back) to get their insights on writing AusQueerYA, author earnings and the importance of … Continue reading Interview with Alison Evans

Review: Ida, Alison Evans

Ida, Alison Evans (2017) Note: We don't give star-ratings. We review in order to encourage the development of AusQueerYA, by deconstructing the good and the bad bits, to learn and grow as writers. *mega spoilers* The Blurb: ‘How do people decide on a path, and find the drive to pursue what they want? Ida struggles … Continue reading Review: Ida, Alison Evans