Writing Queer Characters Part 1.

Part 1: The Basics I’ve just finished reading Steph Bowe’s Night Swimming, a super cute and overall positive AusQueerYA. A full review will be up soon, but one thing that struck me was the repeat of the ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ trope and the ‘Awkward Lesbian’ thing, that we also saw in Erin Gough’s Flywheel. … Continue reading Writing Queer Characters Part 1.

What is AusQueerYA?

The YA part: We’ll start with the easy(ish) stuff. YA stands for Young Adult and is fiction "intended" for a teenage audience (*pretends not to be a 26 year old YA fan-girl*). These novels feature teenage characters grappling with the vast mountain of teenage issues and emotions. They generally run shorter than adult fiction (roughly 60-80k … Continue reading What is AusQueerYA?