Own Voices

G Benson: Pieces Ylva, 2017. (Contemporary)

Eleanor Beresford: Pegasi and Prefects KoR Cubed, 2015. (SF/Fantasy)

Eleanor Beresford: Elves and Escapades KoR Cubed, 2015. (SF/Fantasy)

Eleanor Beresford: Fairies and Felicitations KoR Cubed, 2015. (SF/Fantasy)

Erin Gough: The Flywheel Hardie Grant Egmont, 2015. (Contemporary)

Joanne Horniman: A Charm of Powerful Trouble Allen & Unwin, 2002. (Contemporary)

Joanne Horniman: My Candlelight Novel Allen & Unwin, 2008. (Contemporary)

Joanne Horniman: About a Girl Allen & Unwin, 2010. (Contemporary)

Bernie Monagle: Hot Hits: The Remix Hatchette/Lothian, 2003. (Contemporary) (Main characters are both male and female, all Queer.)

Emily O’Beirne: Points of Departure Ylva, 2016. (Contemporary)

Emily O’Beirne: Future Leaders of Nowhere Ylva, 2017. (Contemporary) Review

Emily O’Beirne: All the Ways to Here Ylva, 2017. (Contemporary)

Jenny Pausacker: What Are Ya? Angus and Robertson, 1987. (Contemporary)

Sarah Walker: The Year of Freaking Out  Pan MacMillian, 1997. (Contemporary)

Not Own Voices/Unconfirmed

Steph Bowe: Night Swimming Text, 2017. (Contemporary) Review

Alyssa Brugman: Alex as Well Text, 2013. (Contemporary)

Kate Constable: Always Mackenzie Allen & Unwin, 2008. (Contemporary)

Christopher Currie: Clancy of the Undertow Text, 2015. (Contemporary)

Jack Heath: Replica Oxford University Press, 2014. (SF/Fantasy)

Sue Hines: Out of the Shadows Random House, 1998. (Contemporary)

Julia Lawrinson: Obsession Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2001. (Contemporary)

Julia Lawrinson: Losing It Penguin, 2012. (Contemporary)

Jared Thomas: Songs That Sound Like Blood Magabala Press, 2016. (Contemporary) Review

Kate Welshman: Posse Random House, 2009. (Contemporary)

Chris Wheat: Loose Lips Hyland House, 1998. (Contemporary)

Chris Wheat: Screw Loose Allen & Unwin 2008. (Contemporary)