Own Voices

Cale Dietrich: The Love Interest Feiwel & Friends, 2017. (Contemporary/Sci-Fi)

Alasdair Duncan: Sushi Central UQP ,2004. (Contemporary)

Sean Kennedy: The Ongoing Reformation of Micah Johnson Harmony Ink Press, 2016. (Contemporary)

Will Kostakis: The Sidekicks Penguin, 2016. (Contemporary) Review

Melissa Lucashenko: Killing Darcy UQP, 1998. (Contemporary)

Ian MacNeill: Red and Silver Mieli Press, 1992. (Contemporary)

Bernie Monagle Hot Hits: The Remix Lothian, 2003. (Contemporary)

Not Own Voices/Unconfirmed

Archimede Fusillo: The Last of the Braves Penguin, 2009. (Contemporary)

Eli Glasman: The Boy’s Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew 2015. (Contemporary)

Ruth Starke: Coming Out Omnibus, 1996. (Contemporary)

Kate Walker: Peter Omnibus, 1991. (Contemporary)

Chris Wheat: Loose Lips Hyland House, 1998. (Contemporary)

Chris Wheat: Screw Loose Allen & Unwin, 2008. Contemporary)