The Wheeler Centre has just announced an amazing opportunity for unpublished writers, with support from the Aesop Foundation. ‘The Next Chapter’ offers $15,000 each and a personally selected mentor to ten writers over the year. They are interested in supporting a range of diverse Australian voices, particularly those who might find it hard to be heard in mainstream publishing circles, such as those belonging to a marginalised community, or who are in other ways struggling to write because of a lack of resources.

LGBTQIA+ writers are encouraged to apply. You can also nominate someone else, which is a great way to support your fellow writers who may not have the confidence to apply themselves.

Applications and nominations open 9am Friday 4 May and close 5pm Friday 13 July 2018.

Writers will be assessed on a writing sample, a 300 word or less pitch and a one page letter of support from someone who can vouch for the entrant’s commitment to writing. You don’t need a university English degree, industry connections or even to have been published before.

More information on how to apply or nominate a writer can be found on The Next Chapter website – that’s

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