What we’re doing and what you can be doing too.

We’ve been a bit quiet on the Get YA Words Out blog and for this we apologise. July is officially here, which means Pride month is over (or at least that’s what we’ll tell the non-Queers *taps nose* *winks*), which means we should probably get back to working. Here’s some stuff we’re excited about this month.

1. Right now there are TWO competitions on that we are madly scribbling away for. One is the OutStanding Short Story Competition. Submissions are open until 1st September, so you have some time. This is great opportunity to experiment with new ideas outside of your manuscript. At 750 words, this competition is also a great exercise in being economical with your words.

The second competition is the biggie. The Ampersand Prize. This is the unpublished YA/MG manuscript competition run by Hargie Grant Egmont, previously won by Erin Gough for her AusQueerYA book, The Flywheel. The cut off is the end of July. We will be posting up a series of articles on how to polish your manuscript for submission throughout the month, so keep an eye out.

Details on both of these competitions can be found here.

2. Just because it’s July and even in Perth it’s cold and miserable, doesn’t mean stuff isn’t happening. The Emerging Writer’s Festival have a call out for artists to submit proposals for the Digital Writer’s Festival. The Digital Writer’s Festival is completely online, which is fantastic for people like us who live in Perth where nothing happens, but the weather is usually good so ya know, pros and cons I guess. Check out the details here. Artists are paid for their work. Even if you don’t participate, definitely check it out in October (don’t worry, we’ll remind you).

3. We have some other cool stuff in the works for this month, but obviously it’s top secret (mainly because all our ideas are so poorly thought out a majority of them should never make it past the brainstorming stage). We love projects. If you have something you’ve been thinking about and need a hand fine tuning, or just want a sounding board, hit us up via the contact link. We want to get all the words out and are happy to help where we can, or if we can’t help, point you in the direction of some amazing people who know way more than us and are way cooler than us (not a tall order really).

That’s it for now. Happy writing!


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