The YA part:

We’ll start with the easy(ish) stuff. YA stands for Young Adult and is fiction “intended” for a teenage audience (*pretends not to be a 26 year old YA fan-girl*). These novels feature teenage characters grappling with the vast mountain of teenage issues and emotions. They generally run shorter than adult fiction (roughly 60-80k words at the moment, but more on that later) and can span across sub-genres (i.e Dystopian, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Crime, Historical, Romance etc.). Other than that, what makes a novel a YA novel is debatable. Style, structure and language will be dissected in future posts, but the above is a good starting point for us. So if your manuscript is a 200k word literary who-dunnit Dickens meets Vonnegut, awesome, but this is not the page for you. If however your work is about a Young Adult super-queen who has the hots for another Young Adult girl-babe from outer space (for example), then read on my friend.

The Queer Part:

If you’re a human being living in the human realm, you probably know that humans love to label things. I just did some sketchy researching and there are at least 140 different types of chairs. Don’t even get me started on colours. Or street names. Who gets to decide on street names? Humans don’t escape the labelling of course. Names, gender, sex, sexuality, race, nationality etc. The problem is, not everyone uses these labels in the same way, not everybody can identify with these labels and the whole thing is very confusing. Even so, we had to label this collection of stuff. The label we have chosen is Queer.

Why is this important? Because it’s us saying we will use phrases based on our contexts, but we are not here to tell you what being a lesbian means. Or queer. Or gay. Or any other label. We’re here to help you explore these on your own terms, in your own work, using your own contexts. So when we say ‘QueerYA’ (which we will, a lot) in the context of this site, I mean the whole spectrum of LGBTQIA+.

The Aus Part:

While there are a lot more Queer YA’s coming out of the big U.S of A, this site is purely focused on Australian Queer YA. That is, work by Australian authors (or authors publishing within the Australian context). It’s a small, but freaking mighty community we have here and this site aims to help new and established writers to connect with this community.

Alright, now let’s go make some AusQueerYA.

3 thoughts on “What is AusQueerYA?

  1. Thanks so much for this blog! I’m currently writing LGTBQ+ YA and I wanted to know the best hashtag to search for posts and label my own.

    The search feature without a tag on WordPress is wonky. It spits out good stuff, but it’s not in order by date and much of it was nearly a year old!


    1. Aw thanks you! Yay for Gay YA writers :D. I have no idea how effective my hashtags are to be honest. I started this blog because all my Googling on writing LGBTQ+ YA wasn’t very helpful. But obviously you managed to find me so I must be doing something right!

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